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Julie Ambrose

Best wishes for a fun, successful season. Go Drive!
3:52 PM 5/20/2011

Karim Brown

I am very excited to get our second year of baseball started!
12:36 PM 5/11/2011


Looking forward to Wednesday, July 6th when our second season begins at Fountain Park! See you there are 6:00..
11:34 AM 7/1/2011


So sicked for 2mm Saturday Baseball Practice is ganna be Reall Funn
1:17 AM 7/9/2011

Ludis Caraballo

Im really thankful that this organization was brought into the.middle schools, it has changed my son in many ways for the better! It has brought back his love for baseball and has made him change his.attitude and behavior as well!!! Yay!! Smiley
6:57 PM 6/10/2013

Nicholai Luke

THis is my favorite sport thanks to the Allentown Drive the coaches the supporters and my family n friends for supporting us during the season I really look foward and wished that it would of lasted longer well cannot wait for next year.
5:29 PM 8/20/2012

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