An Allentown DRIVE Coach is a teacher, mentor and role model whose goal is to improve the lives of young people through the teaching of baseball. Because of his efforts, some children will have the opportunity to go to college. Some may become professional players, but ALL will benefit from the life lessons they learn on the ball field. An additional benefit will be the improvement in the City high school programs, which will enhance school pride.

An Allentown DRIVE Coach recognizes that:

  • For our program to succeed, practices and games have to be fun.
  • The Player's Code and Family's Code must be observed.
  • He must lead by example. The Codes apply to him, as well.
  • He will never scold or embarrass a player on the field.
  • For a skill or task to be remembered, the player has to know why it's done that way. Simply telling a player to "hit the cutoff man" isn't good enough; he has to know why.
  • To strengthen the high school programs, it's imperative that as many things as possible become standardized. Examples are: Pre-game outfield/infield drills, run-downs, pivots at 2nd base, defending against the double-steal, pick-off plays, defending the bunt, etc.
  • Winning is not the team's focus. The focus is on executing properly. Winning is a by-product of proper execution.