The Allentown DRIVE is a baseball program for 11- to -14 year old kids in the City of Allentown.

   It was begun in 2010 with the intention of developing good baseball players, but soon evolved into something much more. We're teaching responsibility, work ethics, teamwork, sportsmanship and the ability to perform under pressure. In short, we're creating better citizens with the opportunity to lead productive, useful lives.

   Each year, over 100 kids have participated in the program. It begins right after the 4th of July and continues through mid-August. The sessions are conducted at Fountain Park on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

   The program has expanded, as we've encouraged the kids to take the lessons they learned on the ball field into the classroom with the understanding that they will progress in school the way they improved their baseball skills.

 Now, we're involving the parents, offering them classes in life skills while their kids are playing.

   The Allentown DRIVE is in its infancy, with the potential to grow into a significant factor in the future of Allentown and its citizens, and you can help make that happen.